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Polarn O. Pyret

Polarn O. Pyret since 1976

Our concept has not changed since our first striped T-shirt: children need clothes they can play in. Clothes that let children be children.
For Polarn O. Pyret, this means good-looking clothes that make life easier. Clothes that can withstand wear and tear and are handed down from brother to sister. Contemporary classics, loved favourites and the greatest stripe in the world.

What’s best for children is where we begin. It’s our philosophy, defines how we work and the decisions Polarn O. Pyret makes. When we start with what’s best for children, environmental and social responsibilities fall into place.

From humble beginnings in Stockholm in 1976 with striped jersey and a desire to make better clothes for children, we are now a company with around 100 stores across Scandinavia and Europe. As it turns out, Swedish children and parents are not the only ones who appreciate our quality, design and function.