Opening hours

Weekdays 10-21, Sat 10-19, Sun 11-18
Please see the exceptional opening hours below

Phone: 0458804983


Exceptional opening hours

06.06.2020 10.00-18.00
07.06.2020 12.00-16.00
13.06.2020 10.00-18.00
14.06.2020 12.00-16.00
20.06.2020 10.00-18.00
21.06.2020 12.00-16.00
27.06.2020 10.00-18.00
28.06.2020 12.00-16.00

Jungle Juice Bar

Jungle Juice Bar serves you healthy smoothies and freshly squeezed juices. If you feel tired or you are in need for some additional vitamins, try our extra kicks like protein, ginger, goji berries or guarana. We prepare the smoothies and juices by order, so every time you visit us, prepare to enjoy the fresh taste and feel the naturally good vibes.