Gift card

Give someone a cardful of freedom.

A gift card is an excellent present for anyone, allowing the recipient to choose whatever they like. A gift card enables shopping, time for yourself or together with someone else, or help with everyday needs. It's also a sustainable choice, because the recipient can get exactly what they really need.

Matkus has something for everyone. The shopping center has almost 80 fashion, entertainment, leisure time, home, beauty and grocery stores, and IKEA. There are also many restaurants and cafés for a variety of tastes. Check out the list of shops and services available at Matkus. Gift cards can be bought in Matkus, using the gift card machine, located on Floor 1 near the D-entrance and XXL.

The gift card is valid for 12 months from the date of purchase and can be used in almost all Matkus shops and in IKEA (excluding Alko, Subway, Vila and Ompelimo Rulla). You can purchase a gift card for any amount between 5 and 500 euros. The gift card can be used all in one go or in parts, and in more than one Matkus shop. Products bought using a gift card may be returned and/or exchanged according to the shops' usual practices. A gift card cannot be changed into cash. Do not keep the gift card near a cellphone, because the card's magnetic stripe may become unusable. If your gift card's magnetic stripe is damaged, please contact the Matkus Customer Service on 020 7341 900.

You cannot check the card's balance in Matkus shops, so please check it in advance. You can check the card balance reading the QR code on the back of the card using the gift card machine or your cellphone's QR code reader. You can also check the balance at

See the gift card Terms & Conditions.





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