More together – also with pets!

Sometimes it doesn't feel right to your four-legged family member alone in the car while you go to the shopping center. Matkus welcome your furry animals, too. Your pet can come to any common corridor in the shopping center.

Pets in the shops

Pets are allowed in some of the shops.

You can take your pet into the following shops: Budget Sport, Carlings, Clas Ohlson, Cubus, DNA Kauppa, Emotion, Finlayson, Hiustalo, Hööks, H&M, Iittala Outlet, Indiska, Jack & Jones, Jesper & Junior, Jungle Juice Bar, Kookenkä, Kultajousi, Life, Marimekko, Musti & Mirri, Ompelimo Rulla, Petrifun, Picnic, Spice Ice, Suomalainen Kirjakauppa, The Body Shop, Vero Moda, Volt, XXL ja Zizzi.

However, guide dogs are allowed anywhere in Matkus, and into IKEA.

In order for everyone to enjoy themselves – the pets, their owners and other people – we have a few ground rules to ensure a pleasant shopping trip to everyone.

A few ground rules

  • Always keep your pets on a leash and under supervision.
  • Be considerate about all shoppers – not everyone is comfortable with animals.
  • Clean up any mess your pet may cause. Accidents can happen however careful you are, so it's your duty to clean up.
  • Check the list of shops that accept pets.
  • Let's enjoy our time together! Do remember that if you're out of poop bags, head towards Musti & Mirri shop in Matkus (that's where you'll find the goodies, too).

Pet parking

If you think it's wisest for your furry friend to stay outside the shopping center while you go in, we provide pet parking in a shady spot. Pet parking has four covered lockers where you can safely leave your dog to wait.

Right next to it, there's a short path where your pet can go if they need to ‘go' – but please keep your dog on a leash. There's also a poop bag machine to help you clean up. We have a faucet on the wall near the C-entrance if your dog gets thirsty (remember to bring your own water bowl).

How to use the dog parking:

1. The lockers are operated with one-euro coins or with a card available from Musti & Mirri in Matkus.

2. Open the door with a coin or card.

3. Close the door, remove the coin or card and make sure the door is locked.

4. Open the door with a coin or card and close the door as you leave. If you used a card, please return it to Musti & Mirri.

If you notice that any of the lockers are broken, please phone the Matkus control room, 020 7341 900.


Dog parking is located near the K-Supermarket entrance (C-entrance.

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