One park, many opportunities

Rest and recreation. Climbing and coffee. Dreaming and sports. Peace and quiet and bustling activity in suitable proportion. All in a single park. The Olopuisto – outdoor activity park in Matkus offers facilities for sports and fun for all.

The Olopuisto – outdoor activity park in Matkus is open year round, consisting of a variety of play and exercise areas and more quiet areas where you can sit down and relax. This includes a pump track, an arena for ball games, slides, a parkour area and a 7-meter adventure tower.

The Olopuisto – outdoor activity park was inspired by the surrounding nature, reflected in the colors, materials and shapes. The colors, materials and shapes derive from the surrounding nature, and the design has taken into account users of different ages, and their safety – not forgetting a shady and safe place where you can leave your dog for a while! At 3,800 square meters, there is plenty of space to arrange various events.

The Olopuisto – outdoor activity park near the K-Supermarket entrance (C-entrance).

The Olopuisto – outdoor activity park activities

  • Pump track
  • Sports area (incl. soccer)
  • Slides (summer/winter), stairs
  • Parkour area
  • Children's play area (aged 2 or more)
  • Children's play area (aged 5 or more)
  • Plenty of space for sitting

Play areas


Pikku-Tahko, deriving its name from Tahko, one of Finland's most popular travel destinations, consists of various slides and their stairs, which double as exercise stairs. The largest slide is suitable for children aged 5 or more.



Pikku-Vänäri got its name from the colloquial name for Väinölänniemi, a large city park in the center of Kuopio. Pikku-Vänäri includes a pump track and a Panna arena, suitable for ball games. The area is suitable for daredevils aged 3 or more.



Named after the green Puijo area and the famous Puijo Tower, Pikku-Puijo includes a 7-meter adventure tower for climbing and sliding. Pikku-Puijo is suitable for adventurers aged 3 or more.


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